Collective Impact

Leveraging the Power of Collaboration

Nearly 85% of K-12 students stay within their local communities after graduating high school. As a result, Educate Texas is working to establish greater levels of alignment between K-12, higher education and workforce pipelines to improve postsecondary opportunities in those local communities.


Through the Collective Impact Initiative, Educate Texas works with community leaders to accomplish the following:

  • Establish a common vision across a single community or region
  • Measure key milestones to achieve the vision
  • Utilize data-driven findings to inform and refine strategies
  • Align stakeholders and resources to expand successful practices and improve communication
  • Identify a supporting organization to assist in the alignment of community resources

Regional Initiatives

In the Rio Grande Valley, Educate Texas launched RGV Focus, bringing together superintendents, higher education presidents, philanthropic partners, and business and community leaders across four counties, including Cameron, Hidalgo, Pharr and Willacy. This effort focuses on more than 410,000 students — of which 90% or more are Hispanic and 86% are economically disadvantaged. RGV Focus supports the region by identifying opportunities to enable all learners to achieve a degree or credential which, ultimately, leads to a meaningful career.

In partnership with Dallas Commit!, Educate Texas focuses on Dallas County to improve student achievement for nearly 870,000 students by leveraging data and collaboration to measure what matters, identify effective practices, and align community resources to spread what works. Educate Texas seeks to contribute ideas, strategies and partnerships to the work happening in the 4-12 and Higher Education/Workforce Supporting councils.