Effective Teaching

Effective Teaching

The Effective Teaching Initiative at Educate Texas seeks to catalyze and support rigorous instruction and data use in order to increase college readiness rates in Texas. In collaboration with its network of partners, including Texas school districts, teacher preparation organizations, the Texas Education Agency, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Educate Texas will identify strategies focused on:

  • Defining and implementing a common agenda for effective teaching
  • Improving data use and management
  • Providing quality professional development and teacher feedback
  • Sharing innovative human capital best practices
  • Disseminating promising practices to state agencies and policy makers

Laying the Foundation

The Measuring Effective Teaching (MET) Project

Launched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2009, the goal of MET was to improve the quality of information about effective teaching available to education professionals nationally. nearly 3,000 teachers in six urban school districts participated, including Dallas ISD.

The purpose of gathering high-quality data about teaching and learning is to provide teachers with better feedback, to personalize professional development, and to support the creation of fair and reliable systems for measuring teacher effectiveness. The MET project resulted in a set of recommendations and principles for effective evaluation. The lessons learned from this ground-breaking project are informing efforts in districts across the nation and in Texas.

Texas Teaching Commission

In December 2011, Educate Texas convened a 17 - member commission comprised of teacher representatives, business leaders, and advocacy groups.

The Commission spent 12 months holistically examining the teacher continuum including: hearing from experts, evaluating research, and participating in a thoughtful dialogue on how to improve and align teacher effectiveness policy and practice in Texas.

The Commission's work culminated with a report - Recommendations for the Next Generation of Teaching Policy (The full report is available online) - that provides legislative, state agency and district level recommendations including suggestions on how to improve and align various programs and practices already in place.

The MET Project and the Texas Teaching Commission provide research and lessons learned from Texas and across the country that continue to inform Educate Texas' efforts to support teachers and students.

  Download the Texas Teaching Commission Overview

  Download the Executive Summary

  Download the Recommendation Table

  Download the Texas Teaching Commission Report

Exploring New Initiatives

Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel is a video showcase—on the Internet and TV—of inspiring and effective teaching practices across the country designed to revolutionize how teachers learn so they can improve student outcomes.

Teaching Channel provides teachers and administrators with high quality, accessible, and on-demand examples of teaching and learning. Educate Texas is its first partnership in Texas.

One of the unique aspects of Teaching Channel is the ability for teachers to film themselves, and then share videos with colleagues and mentors who can annotate videos with personalized feedback for improving their practice. As a result, Educate Texas is able to individualize professional development for teachers based on subject, grade level, years of experience and regardless of geographic location.

Teaching Channel offers Educate Texas with an organizational platform to highlight best practices from its college-ready network of ECHS and T-STEM academies. This resource allows Texas teachers to connect with their colleagues across the state and the nation to improve practices.

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