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The Educate Texas blog is the online conversation on education issues and trends impacting Texans and the country. The blog mirrors the collaborative nature of Educate Texas and features contributors from across the state and nationally including the voices of both our public and private partners. The perspectives and issues discussed here do not necessarily represent those of Educate Texas, but we believe are important to the collaborative process needed to ensure lasting and positive change in education. We look to this blogging community as a forum for dynamic and thoughtful conversation on pressing issues facing our education system and the innovative practices and ideas to help support education success in Texas and beyond. We encourage your thoughts and feedback below. If you are interested in being featured as a guest author, please contact us.


Student Voice Panel Inspires Celebration and Confession

Feb 29, 2016

YouthTruth recaps the panel discussion hosted at the TASA Midwinter Conference in late January.

Educate Texas Professional Learning Series for Early College High Schools “Second to None”

Aug 18, 2015

This June, Educate Texas proudly presented the first Early College High School Professional Learning Series in Dallas and San Antonio, hosting educators from school districts, colleges and universities. Read more to learn why "the expertise and real world knowledge provided by Educate Texas is second to none."

Educate Texas Celebrates The Value of STEM Education

May 11, 2015

Educate Texas is excited about the Texas Instrument Foundations continued committment to the Lancaster Independent School District and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. The following video celebrates the value of STEM education for the future of our students.

TAP Week Blog 4: STEM Teaching is Instruction 101 (Great for every classroom)

May 08, 2015

It's easy to visualize STEM in science, technology, engineering, and math classes, but for STEM to truly work in a school there must be a clear method for incorporating it into other subject areas...

Lancaster ISD: 2015 STEM Grant Announcement

May 08, 2015

On Monday, The Texas Instruments (TI) Foundation announced a grant of up to $2.2 million to Educate Texas to accelerate the development of a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) district in the Lancaster Independent School District (LISD)!
Here is a video recap of the media event!