Postsecondary Success

By 2018, an estimated 56% of jobs in Texas will require some level of postsecondary education; however, only a little more than 30% of fellow Texans currently hold some form of postsecondary credential.

On average, six-year graduation rates stand at 31% and 59%, respectively, for full-time students at Texas’ two-year or four-year institutions. Additionally, after 11 years of entering eighth grade, only one in five students receive a postsecondary credential. And, that number falls to one in 10 for economically disadvantaged students.

For Texas to remain economically competitive, the number of students/individuals who are completing certificates and degrees must increase. Improving postsecondary outcomes will require increased collaboration among the school districts, community colleges and universities. Educate Texas is dedicated to fostering better alignment and synergy across these institutions and among stakeholders through support of the following initiatives:

The Texas Student Success Council, convened and staffed by Educate Texas, serves as the Policy Advisory Board for both Texas Completes and the Texas Success Center.  The work of these two initiatives to identify and scale promising practices informs the work of the Council.  This partnership is working to align programmatic and key policy issues related to postsecondary success work throughout Texas.