Texas Success Center

The Texas Success Center is working to build the capacity of all Texas community colleges to engage in, and advance, student success efforts at scale.  The Center will also work to build the capacity of the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC) to develop and propose public policy change in order to achieve similar outcomes.

The Center will convene teams of faculty from Texas to promote statewide coordination and coherence across the numerous student success initiatives. By identifying successful practices, the Center will serve as a mechanism for scale.

The Student Success Council will serve as the Policy Advisory Board to the Center, considering, and potentially adopting, recommendations that address policy issues identified through this work.


  • Workforce and Skills Alignment
  • College-Readiness
  • Transfer/Articulation
  • Measuring and Funding Success
  • Texans in Community Colleges

Educate Texas Role

Emerging based on the organization’s policy and programmatic efforts