Educate Texas: A Catalyst for Transformation

Educate Texas has been nationally recognized for tapping into a bold and collaborative approach, and for creating transformational change for Texas students.
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Achieving a tipping point for success in four key impact areas.

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College And Career Readiness

College- and Career-ready high school graduates have the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in life, whether they plan to attend college (two- or four-year, or technical school) or start a job. Educate Texas is piloting new innovations, and developing and implementing outcome-proven strategies to improve teaching and learning to prepare students for college and the workforce.


Higher Education

Educate Texas has made supporting students in their efforts to achieve a two- or four-year degree or technical certificate one of its key areas of impact. To this end, Educate Texas is working with state agencies, school districts and higher education institutions in designing and implementing high-impact programs and convening cross-sector stakeholders informing policies to increase the number of students who enroll in, persist and complete a degree.


Effective Teaching

The single most important school-based factor in student success is the quality of teachers in the classroom.Educate Texas is working with communities across the state to establish and implement strategic and measurable community-specific action plans and to ensure resources are directed toward development of innovations or scaling evidence-based practices that lead to better outcomes in K-12 education, college and career.


Collective Impact

Cross-sector collaboration within communities is key to the creation and support of an aligned pipeline between secondary schools, higher education and the workforce to support students’ success in school, in their careers, and in life.Educate Texas is working with communities across the state.


Our Work

To ensure that young people have a successful future, Educate Texas focuses on making education a priority from childhood until post-high school through a range of programs.