Our 2025 Stategic Plan

Our Goal

We must achieve bold transformation of Texas’ public and higher education systems to prepare students for success in school, in the workforce, and in life. To achieve holistic educational systems change in Texas, Educate Texas has built partnerships for nearly 20 years with school districts, institutions of higher education, businesses, community and civic organizations, state agencies, policymakers, and philanthropic partners.

Building from the success and momentum achieved in our 20 by 2020 Student Success Plan, we have now launched our 2025 Strategic Plan with two essential goals:

  • Contribute 85,000 new higher education degrees and certificates to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s "Building A Talent-Strong Texas" goal by 2025, primarily focusing on African American, Latino, and economically-disadvantaged students.

  • Create sustainable systems changes to enable teacher preparation programs and school systems to better attract, prepare, develop and retain a high quality, diverse teacher workforce that lead to student success. 

To achieve these goals, we will continue to focus on four key impact areas:

Our Approach 

As the trusted change agent in education, we are thinking bigger by developing and proving solutions through programs, instilling change through policy, and convening the right partnerships for action.

To achieve our 2025 Strategic Plan goals, we will continue to work with communities and partners across the state, while focusing on making the greatest impact in three key regions:

  • North Texas
  • ​Upper Rio Grande 
  • South Texas, including San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley 

We will continue to track data and support efforts along the entire cradle to career educational pathway, while focusing on making the greatest impact in the following areas: 

  • Number of credentials earned in high school
  • ​Number of students going to college
  • Number of students graduating from higher education 

Join Us 

Our 2025 Strategic Plan challenges us to think bigger about what we can accomplish for all Texas students. But to do this, we need EVERYONE to think bigger about the changes we need to make to grow and improve. Together, we can create a Texas with unparalleled opportunity, a flourishing workforce, and an unrivaled economy where every student - regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or background - has the chance to thrive. Together we can create bigger dreams, bigger achievements, and better lives for students and families. 

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