About Educate Texas

For more than a decade, Educate Texas, an educational initiative of Communities Foundation of Texas, has partnered with public and private entities to achieve large-scale change to transform the Texas public and higher education systems so that every student is successful in school, the workforce and life.

Our approach begins by identifying innovative, evidence-based strategies with the potential to achieve systems transformation. Once we recognize an effective strategy, we work with our public and private partners to find ways to accelerate adoption and implementation of the initiative by informing public policy, securing funding and providing training within or throughout the Texas education system.

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Our Vision

Strengthen the public and higher education system so that every Texas student is prepared for educational and workforce success.

Our Mission

Increase postsecondary readiness, access and success for all Texas students by building partnerships, leading innovation and scaling practices and policies.

Our Partners

To fulfill our mission, we collaborate with a network of local, state and national philanthropic, corporate and agency partners to achieve large-scale educational systems change in Texas.


We are Evidence-Based

Our strategy is rooted in a theory of continuous improvement, using data and insights from a variety of sources to inform strategic decisions. Educate Texas is building a plan of system-wide, coordinated and intentional strategic learning. As we support statewide initiatives, we identify ways to measure the outcome and collect local data to determine what areas fulfill the need and what falls short. As we analyze this data, we determine what systems, processes and people need adjustment and support, strengthening our impact as we grow and adapt our strategy.

Our History

Educate Texas began in 2003 as the Texas High School Project (THSP) when, supported by a multi-million dollar grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, it introduced the Early College High School model to the state of Texas.


Our Relationship with Communities Foundation of Texas

As an initiative of the Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT), Educate Texas benefits from the foundation’s resources and wealth of knowledge, as well as the leadership of its volunteer board of trustees and the expertise of its professional staff. CFT works with families, companies and nonprofits to build thriving communities across the state and beyond through a variety of charitable funds, defined strategic grant making and key initiatives like Educate Texas.

Our Team

Educate Texas is a team of experts in education and business, with a commitment to improving the lives of Texas students.
Meet Our Staff

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Educate Texas is an initiative of Communities Foundation of Texas with the vision of strengthening the public and higher education system to prepare every Texas student for educational and workforce success. If you share our passion for increasing readiness, access and success for all students, we invite you to consider applying for our current opportunities.

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