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Preparing Teachers. Transforming Classrooms.

Supporting Effective Teaching

Teachers are the most powerful school-based factor affecting student learning, but 1 in 3 Texas educators leave the profession completely within five years.1 Teachers who leave the field cite a lack of adequate preparation and support, which leads to burnout and discouragement in the classroom.2

To prepare our most effective educators and set students up for long-term success, it is crucial to ensure that teachers have the preparation they need to succeed in today’s changing classrooms.

By sharing information collaboratively and working together, we can improve teacher preparation across Texas.

1 Texas Education Agency, Teacher Retention by Preparation Route 2014-15 through 2018-19, April 2020
2 AACTE - What We Know - How Teacher Preparation Affects Teacher Retention


Teachers are the most important in-school factor affecting student learning.


Many districts experience difficulty attracting, preparing, developing, and retaining their most effective teachers.


1 in 3 educators leave the profession completely within 5 years.

Educator Preparation Programs

The single most important school-based factor in student success is the quality of teaching in the classroom.

Critical to teacher effectiveness is a well-designed system that prepares, recruits, develops, evaluates, compensates, and retains the best teachers. With over 200 Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) to choose from in Texas, finding the right program is critical to achieving success in the classroom.


Research & Resources

Our classrooms are changing, and our strategies to attract, prepare, develop, and retain effective educators must change with them.

Access research and resources from programs and partners that help school leaders place and keep effective teachers in every Texas classroom.