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There are many paths to becoming a teacher in Texas. Choose the path to certification that is best for you.

The path to becoming a certified teacher can be difficult to navigate, and varies greatly depending on your needs and your own experience. Whether you are going for your bachelor’s degree and know that you want to be an educator, or have already received your bachelor’s in another degree and now wish to use your knowledge in the pursuit of teaching others, there is a path for you. Follow below and find what pathway makes sense for your teacher certification.



The first step to decide your preferred pathway to teacher certification is to determine your level of education.

To become a teacher in Texas, teacher candidates are required to obtain a degree from an accredited university. Many programs offer a bachelor’s (or higher) degree alongside a teacher certification, while others will provide teacher certification to those who already hold a bachelor’s (or higher) degree.

Do you already have a bachelor’s degree?

Do you want an advanced degree?


For those seeking an advanced degree, you will want to enroll in a post-baccalaureate program that would lead to a master’s or doctorate degree with a teaching certification.

View Certification Pathways for Post-Baccalaureate Programs



If you already have your bachelor’s degree and only wish to obtain your teacher certification, then an alternative certification program is likely right for you. Alternative certification programs are made for those who are only seeking teaching certification and are designed with working adults in mind.

View Certification Pathways for Alternative Programs

If you have yet to obtain your bachelor’s degree, you will want to enroll in a traditional program at a university that offers an education degree along with a teacher certification.

View Certification Pathways for Traditional Programs