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Helping Teacher Candidates Make Clear, Informed Decisions.

In this library, we have selected and organized key education preparation resources to further guide teacher candidates in their pursuit to certification, and to guide Educator Preparation Programs and School Districts in attracting, preparing, developing, and retaining effective teachers.

This resource library was last updated in November 2021. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about these resources.



edTPA Toolkits Educator Preparation Programs

By: Multiple Entities   |   2021

Academic Language Toolkits

These toolkits and worksheets demystify the academic language function, one of the most commonly-cited causes of confusion in the edTPA.


By: Texas Education Agency   |   2021

Approved Educator Preparation Programs in Texas

A list of approved Educator Preparation Programs.


By: Best in Class   |   2021

Best in Class

Best in Class provides toolkits and guidance for school districts on ACE, Strategic Evaluation Programs, Results Delivery, and Teacher Incentive Allotment.

Assessments edTPA Educator Preparation Programs

By: edTPA Pearson   |   2021

edTPA Curriculum Change FAQ

Dive into common questions from faculty and others on curriculum change and gain guidance on how to begin the task of shifting curriculum to meet the goals of the edTPA.

Assessments edTPA Educator Preparation Programs

By: edTPA Pearson   |   2021



Assessments edTPA Toolkits Educator Preparation Programs

By: edTPA Pearson   |   2021

edTPA Resource Library

This will be a one-stop shop for everything your program needs for a successful edTPA submission.

Education Policy

By: New America   |   2021

New America Ed: Education Policy

Find more research and resources on policy and education in America.

Residencies Toolkits

By: Opportunity Culture   |   2021

Opportunity Culture: Teaching Residencies

A resource for both districts and teachers, Opportunity Culture provides paid teaching residencies while maintaining school budgets.

Residencies Toolkits Educator Preparation Programs

By: Prepared to Teach   |   2021

Prepared to Teach

Find resources around redesigning your programs to allow for teacher residencies without the need to increase your budget.

Assessments Toolkits

By: Texas Educator Certification Examination Program    |   2021

Texas Educator Certification Examination Program (TX NES Inc)

Find out exam dates, preparation guides, and more at the official certification exam website.

Assessments edTPA

By: edTPA Pearson   |   2021

What is the edTPA Pilot for Texas?

In support of a potential edTPA pilot in Texas, this site offers an array of resources vetted by the Texas Education Agency and Pearson for those participating in the pilot.

Assessments edTPA Toolkits

By: edTPA Pearson   |   2020

edTPA Completion Checklist

This checklist, developed by members of the edTPA Community of Practice, offers a detailed walkthrough of what candidates need to know and do for a successful portfolio submission.