The 2020 Census

As we plan for our state and nation’s future, every Texan counts. The 2020 Census will play a defining role in both the representation of Texans in our political system and billions of dollars in federal aid that supports our health care, housing, education, transportation, food and more for the next decade. Ensuring a full count of everyone in our state is critical to our shared goals for a thriving Texas.

For a state as geographically large as Texas, we face many challenges to get an accurate and complete count of our diverse population and many communities. In particular, our border and rural areas, our high number of young children, and the large immigrant population all require greater direct support and targeted outreach to get a complete count. 

The estimated cost of even a 1% undercount is projected at $300 million per year in federal revenue.

To improve the likelihood of success, we are aligning regional and statewide campaigns to ensure Texas is well represented.

As part of the Complete Count Committee for Texas, Educate Texas supports census efforts across the state by administering grants through the Texas Counts Pooled Fund, which provides criticals funds that will enable local communities to target outreach efforts and implement best practices that will ensure a fair and accurate count for Texas.

Locally, in partnership with the City of Dallas and Dallas County, the City of Dallas Complete Count Campaign has been created to drive Census response in our own hard-to-count communities. The Dallas Complete Count Committee Fund at Communitites Foundation of Texas will distribute resources in support of outreach in Dallas.

Texas Counts Pooled Fund

Donate now to the Texas Counts Pooled Fund and support our efforts to ensure that the resources required to count every Texan are ready and available to the communities most in need.

Texas Counts Pooled Fund – RFP

The 2020 Texas Counts Campaign will soon be accepting proposals from community organizations across the state who are conducting local Census outreach, marketing, and education in their region.

Our Statewide Census Approach

Ensuring a complete 2020 Census count is a major project now playing out at the local, statewide, and national levels. Read more about these efforts in Texas and find out how you or your organization can be involved.

Dallas Complete Count Committee Fund

Donate now to the Dallas Complete Count Committee fund and support our efforts to help target Census outreach to hard-to-count communities in Dallas.

Dallas Census Grants

The 2020 Dallas Complete Count Committee will soon be accepting proposals from local organizations in the City of Dallas and Dallas County to drive Census response in hard-to-count communities.

Our Census Approach in Dallas

Stakeholders across Dallas are partnering to ensure that no hard-to-count communities in the city or across the county are left behind. Read more about these city-and-countywide efforts and how you or your organizations can be involved.

For more information about how you or your organization can support our Census efforts, how our statewide and local campaigns and funds are structured, or other topics related to this work, please contact Amy Desler at