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Empowering Futures: Transformative STEM Education for Southern Dallas County

By: Julia Estelle Cotton   |   February 13, 2024

Educate Texas, Lancaster ISD, and the Texas Instruments (TI) Foundation came together to build a districtwide model for STEM education that has created a solid learning foundation for students that will have a lasting impact on the predominantly African American community of Southern Dallas County.


Since 2011, Educate Texas and the TI Foundation have partnered to transform southern Dallas County school districts into STEM learning communities. The TI Foundation provided $7 million over five years to implement problem-based learning in STEM disciplines, with Educate Texas as the technical advisor.
Lancaster ISD recently hosted a STEM showcase and presentation for board members of the TI Foundation where students demonstrated some of the programs of study offered at Lancaster STEM High School. Executive Director of College Career Military Readiness and Enrichment, Latasha Murray, outlined LISD’s interpretation of the Engineering Design Process, TIGERS, “First you have to Think. Then you have to Imagine. Then you Generate, Execute, Refine, and Share.” Reviewing the LISD districtwide STEM model through their TIGERS process sheds light on its development and assured success.