Harvey KIDS Education Fund

Since making landfall in August, Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Texas Gulf Coast and has impacted over 6 million Texans. According to the Texas Education Agency, the devastation caused by the hurricane is projected to have displaced over 42,000 K-12 students across district lines.To meet the urgent needs of these impacted Gulf Coast students, a cross-section of local, state and national leaders is launching the Harvey KIDS Education Fund.

In addition to providing immediate relief funding to school districts and/or schools to mitigate the impact to displaced students, Harvey KIDS also seeks to provide longer term funds to enable rebuilding and redesigning schools and the student learning experience.

Specifically, the fund will support:

  • Immediate Relief Efforts: Short to mid-term investments that will be spent in the next 12 months. These funds can be used to address direct challenges related to the storm (e.g., damaged infrastructure (non-capital expenses), incremental resources to minimize disruption to displaced students, support for basic needs, services to address mental health, communications with students and families).
  • Longer-Term, Rebuilding Efforts: Longer term investments that will be considered are either place-based or strategy-based.
    • Place Based Funds will enable districts to engage support that can help evaluate specific school-based needs of the community (e.g., targeted social supports, high school redesign).
    • Strategy-based Funds will enable districts or a coalition of districts to secure strategic planning support that could help evaluate different systemic strategies that could enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work (e.g., human capital initiatives, early childhood strategy).

Applicant Eligibility:
For both Immediate Relief Efforts and Rebuilding Efforts, Texas districts or schools that have been listed as FEMA Declared Disaster Counties are eligible to apply. Any proposal submitted by an eligible school or district will need to have the district Superintendent’s signature.

Grant amounts will vary for each district and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Any supports or services must begin within 30 days of receiving the funds. A final report will be required from the district to confirm how the funds were used and what was accomplished with the funds.

Note: No funds will be used for capital investments, debt reduction, fund balance contributions, gap coverage between insurance and FEMA payments, etc.

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