Harvey HELP Education Fund

It is estimated that as many as half a million college and university students may have been impacted by the hurricane. Many of these students had their studies interrupted by pressing challenges including loss of income, property, transportation and school materials, making it difficult or even impossible for them to continue their education. The Harvey HELP Education Fund represents a centralized relief response to these impacted students.

With support from Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Commissioner Raymund Paredes, Texas and national leaders from higher education associations, institutions, foundations, and businesses raised funds that are being directed to Texas Institutions of Higher Education. To incentivize additional contributions, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation offered a dollar for dollar match up to $250,000. To date, the Harvey HELP Fund has provided 54 Texas colleges and universities with emergency aid funding for their Harvey-impacted students, totaling over $1 million.

The Harvey HELP Fund continues to provide emergency aid to enable hurricane-impacted students in southeast Texas to stay on or more quickly return to their postsecondary education pathway. This emergency aid is helping students and their families recover from and manage immediate life-and-logistics emergencies, so they can afford to resume their studies and complete their higher education. 

If you have any questions about the Harvey HELP Fund, please contact Riddhi Chhaya at rchhaya@cftexas.org.

Texas State University

“Emergency funding from Hurricane Harvey helped pay for textbooks and the short-term loan I had to take out in the beginning of the semester to help pay for what FAFSA could not cover. Without the fund, I would have been late on repaying my loan and would have had to go an entire semester without half my textbooks.”


Charlie Grisson, Student at Texas State University

Lamar Institute of Technology

“I appreciate the donation towards my tuition for Spring 2018 semester, as I was one of the victims of the floods due to Hurricane Harvey.

During the chaos of finding a contractor, relocating and getting the house cleaned out and ready for repair, I found out that the remaining classes required for me to graduate would be offered during the spring. While this would have increase the cost of my attendance that semester, I really wanted to finish early, so I registered for the classes with the hope I would be able to handle the increased cost in addition to ongoing work on my house. I am proud that I have no student loans by saving and paying out of pocket each semester. The generous donation after Hurricane Harvey was a life saver, as it covered the cost of half of the semester and lifted a huge burden.

I started this degree in 2014 and have been attending school part time while working full time. I will graduate in May 2018 with an Associate degree in Networking and Troubleshooting with honors. I hope to begin my new career and obtain a job in the Information Technology field after graduation.”


Joshua Hatcher, Student at Lamar Institute of Technology

University of North Texas

“My mother is a single mom, and she raised me on her own with no child support and helped me get into college. Hurricane Harvey hit my neighborhood very hard, and 500 homes there were impacted by the flood. Homes were covered with flood waters, and our neighborhood had to be evacuated by boats during the storm. In fall 2017 last semester, my family was greatly impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and my mother is no longer able to help me with the costs of attending college. The Hurricane Harvey HELP Fund helped to cover some of the costs of my tuition next semester, and I am truly grateful to be having the opportunity to further my education.”


Brittney Jarvis, University of North Texas