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Since 2020, students and teachers across the state continue to face many obstacles, disruptions, and unknowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While we recognize these challenges, one thing is clear - together, we must continue to strive for excellence and equity in our collaborative response to our state's education needs. 

Educate Texas works to transform public and higher education systems for our highest need students and families. As a trusted change agent in education, we’re uniquely positioned to turn big ideas into bold actions ensuring every generation is smarter, stronger and more capable than the last. 

Our 2025 Strategic Plan challenges us to think bigger about what we can accomplish for all Texas students. But to do this, we need EVERYONE to think bigger about the changes we need to make to grow and improve. Together, we can create a Texas with unparalleled opportunity, a flourishing workforce, and an unrivaled economy where every student, regardless of race or economic background, has the chance to thrive. Together we can create bigger dreams, bigger achievements, and better lives for students and families.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!