Collective Impact

Using Collective Impact programs, Educate Texas can help align systems within a community and use data to identify and scale what is working in that community. Community leaders from different sectors come together with Educate Texas to establish a common vision for the community or region, set milestones to measure success, use evidence-based findings to refine strategies, match stakeholders and resources to expand successful practices, and identify a supporting organization to assist in carrying out the plan. By sharing strengths and focusing on common goals, communities build capacity for problem solving, rather than working independently and learning what works through trial and error.
As facilitator, Educate Texas seeks to improve how cross-sector partners work together by building on strengths and evidence of what works to discover which programs and practices can be scaled for wider implementation.

Regional Initiatives

RGV FOCUS works with K-12 and higher education leaders, businesses, and community-based organizations to align community resources and strengthen each step of the educational pathway. Serving as the collective impact backbone for the RGV, we are focused on improving college readiness, access, and success.