The RGV FOCUS collective impact initiative was launched in 2012 in collaboration with Educate Texas to improve college readiness, access and success in the Rio Grande Valley counties of Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr and Willacy. The Rio Grande Valley has a long history of educational disparity. And, in recent decades, as the region has transitioned from a largely agricultural economy to a 21st century economy, there has been a growing need to expand access to higher education and career success among the region’s student population. The vision of RGV FOCUS is to help all learners to achieve a degree or credential that leads to a meaningful career in one of the many industries of opportunity in the Rio Grande Valley, such as education, health services, or advanced manufacturing.

RGV FOCUS is made up of leaders from school districts, higher education institutions, community-based organizations and local industries to improve long-term career outlooks for students. The Leadership Team is supported by action networks and advisory bodies, such as the Data Support Council, which lead the implementation of the vision and strategy. The RGV FOCUS Backbone staff serves the collective as a neutral convener, thought leader and facilitator. By aligning systems across the cradle-to-career pipeline, RGV FOCUS is working toward the following goals:

  • All Rio Grande Valley students will graduate high school ready for college
  • All high school graduates will transition to a post-high school program within a year
  • All postsecondary students will achieve a degree or credential on time
  • All postsecondary graduates can be employed within six months

Visit rgvvfocus.org to learn more.