College and Career Readiness School Models (CCRSM)

Empowering Students For Future Success

Preparing students for the world beyond high school is critical to the economic future of our nation. In the state of Texas, historically underserved students comprise the majority of our total student population. To close opportunity gaps and equalize access to high-quality education, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) created the Texas College and Career Readiness School Models (CCRSM) Network. This network, led by the TEA, brings together proven models under a single umbrella of support. Each model offers a unique pathway to postsecondary education while ensuring all students have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. 

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Targeted Support

As the TEA's designated technical assistance provider, Educate Texas supports more than 470 planning and designated CCRSM campuses across Texas by:

  • Providing tailored coaching, on-site and virtually, for each campus to address specific leadership team needs
  • Creating an integrated network of CCRSM schools that share best practices and help each other identify and resolve challenges
  • Establishing communication tools across the network to highlight successes and share learning


The Early College High School (ECHS) initiative is an open-enrollment program that blends college and high school coursework, enabling students to earn up to two years of college credit (60 hours), tuition-free, while enrolled in high school.

The Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH) initiative offers an open-enrollment program that creates workforce pathways aligned with high-demand, high-wage fields throughout the state.

The Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (T-STEM) initiative is an open-enrollment program that engages students in a rigorous STEM curriculum, preparing them for the global marketplace.