Blueprint Innovation Grants

Educate Texas, in partnership with the Texas Education Agency, provided funding and technical support for the Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (T-STEM) Innovations to Advance Blueprint Implementation Grants.

These grants—T-STEM Transition Programming, Scaling and Dissemination of Promising T-STEM Education Practices and T-STEM Externship — provided funding to schools and districts with a T-STEM designation to implement programming to enhance their T-STEM blueprint implementation as well as to create artifacts to document their work. The purpose of these grants was not only to support opportunities for program improvement but also to take a more proactive approach to scaling STEM across Texas and other states. Process artifacts and documentation created as a part of the grant serve as internal documentation to help in-network schools align their work with the help of concrete examples. At the same time, they serve as external documentation to provide resources for scaling best practices in STEM to out-of-network schools and districts and even beyond the boundaries of Texas to other states. Additionally, this documentation and this repository as a whole allows schools to tell their story and to showcase the great work they are doing to impact students and communities through a STEM approach. In all, the Blueprint Innovation Grants disbursed $306,000 to 18 campuses.