Toolkit for Strategic Planning: <br>Engaging Partnerships for a Successful P-TECH ProgramToolkit for Strategic Planning:
Engaging Partnerships for a Successful P-TECH Program

A resource provided by Dallas College and hosted by Educate Texas.

This toolkit will focus on key strategies and innovative practices to engage partnerships (ISD, community college, university, business, and industry) in the planning, operation, and expansion of The Pathways to Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) programs in Texas.

The strength of the toolkit centers around strategic planning and specifically Compression Planning® design and techniques.  This model has been implemented successfully to date in over 80 sessions with 77 business, industry and community partners.  Results from these sessions have led to engaging work-based learning and student development with over 30 P-TECH early college high schools in the Dallas area, all seven campuses of Dallas College, several universities and industries in each career cluster.



Introduction to CP Toolkit

Welcome to the Toolkit for Strategic Planning.  We will be guiding you through each module of engaging partnerships for a successful P-TECH program.


Toolkit Modules

Each component of the toolkit aligns with the specific P-TECH Blueprint Benchmark (School Design, Target Population, Strategic Alliances, Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment, and Work-Based Learning).

1. Engagement Models

Compression Planning®, Focus Group, World Café - an introduction to different engagement models and suggestions on when to use each.

2. Compression Planning®

How to use a proven approach based on a storyboarding model for rapidly developing viable solutions and action plans.

3. P-TECH CP Model

Exploring Partnership Potential – how to use the Compression Planning® model to strategically engage industry partners with the P-TECH school over the program years.

4. Partner Collaboration Model

How to work with various business, industry and community partners in one P-TECH program or various P-TECH programs with one partner.

5. Lessons Learned

Navigating unexpected session situations, thinking through ideal partnerships, exploring mutual relationship benefits and more.

6. Index of Resources

Toolkit resources including FAQs, example documents, links and more.