Compression Planning®

How to use a proven approach based on a storyboarding model for rapidly developing viable solutions and action plans, to help leaders leverage collaborative time and make better decisions faster, to increase rich idea development and reduce decision time, to explore, focus and define an actionable plan to achieve desired goals.  Overview of facilitation techniques.



Introduction to Compression Planning®

In Module 1, we reviewed three engagement methods: World Café, Focus Groups, and Compression Planning® based on the stages of engagement. In Module 2, we delve deeper into Compression Planning®


Compression Planning® (CP) Process and Design

In Module 2, we will delve deeper into Compression Planning® and answer questions like: What is Compression Planning®? How to use it, from the design to the roles necessary for effective sessions to creating the best environment?  Why use this method for P-TECH industry engagement? Let’s get started with the information below which answers each of these!  Review the sections below and we’ll see you in Module 3.

2. How & Why We Use Compression Planning®

How and why we use Compression Planning® for P-TECH industry engagement at Dallas College.

3. Compression Planning® Process

The Design frames and outlines the session, defining why the session is needed, its purposes and its non-purposes.