What is Compression Planning®?

How to use a proven approach based on a storyboarding model for rapidly developing viable solutions and action plans, to help leaders leverage collaborative time and make better decisions faster, to increase rich idea development and reduce decision time, to explore, focus and define an actionable plan to achieve desired goals.  Overview of facilitation techniques.



What is Compression Planning®?

Compression Planning® is a structured planning process developed by Jerry McNellis.


Compression Planning® is a method and strategy developed by the McNellis Company and based on the storyboarding methods used by the Disney Company. Compression Planning® is a highly interactive and structured convening process that drives well-defined needs into rich ideas focused on clear and measurable outcomes. Quickly.

The process defines specific purposes for the session that guide a series of pointed questions intended to rapidly explore ideas and reveal consensus, which leads to action and communication plans. Non-purposes and rules keep the conversation on a topic, and background information frames the need. 

Compression Planning® has been used successfully by more than 500 organizations including construction companies, major manufacturers, hospitals, education institutions, Department of Defense, marketing and advertising firms, and technology companies.

The McNellis Company hosts a three-day intensive Compression Planning® Institute that provides attendees with the knowledge, skills, and practice necessary to design and facilitate a Compression Planning® session. 

“Compression Planning® using storyboards provides you an opportunity to work at a speed you can only imagine. The storyboard CP system gives you flexibility, speed, creativity, focus, and buy-in.” – Jerry McNellis

For more information on Compression Planning® or the Compression Planning® Institute, www.mcnellisco.com.