Engagement Models

Compression Planning®, Focus Group, World Café - an introduction to different engagement models and suggestions on when to use each.



Introduction to Engagement Models

Welcome to Module 1 of the Toolkit for Strategic Planning.  This Module highlights the different engagement methods appropriate for planning your P-TECH partnerships.


Types of Engagement Methods

The three models introduced here offer options for different stages.  Review the models below and we’ll see you in Module 2.

1. World Café

World Café is an effective, engaging format for large groups, emphasizing interactive dialogue in a fun, creative environment.

2. Focus Groups

The focus group is a popular way to engage a small group of individuals (5 – 12 people) for a guided discussion of a specific topic.

3. Compression Planning®

Emphasizes a well-designed approach toward the development of rich, actionable ideas gathered in a short amount of time to reach a specified purpose.