Engagement Models - World Café

World Café is an effective, engaging format for large groups, emphasizing interactive dialogue in a fun, creative environment.  The method is based on seven design principles that stress the importance of compelling questions and a warm, inviting setting that encourages participation of all attendees.

The World Café is a playful and purposeful environment to share ideas, make connections, find out what’s working well and what needs changing.  This is a good option for a large group at the beginning stages of exploration.  The process provides an open forum for discussion that aims to understand and learn from multiple points of view – where everyone has a voice.

The setting is modeled after a café with round tables, large self-sticking writing paper, colored markers or crayons.  The room facilitator sets the tone with a welcome, introduction of the process, the purpose of the engagement and the key questions.

Each table has a set of questions and a table facilitator to ensure that everyone contributes.  All are encouraged to write, draw, doodle to express their responses to the questions.  After each question round, the table can share insights and post their papers on the wall.  All participants can then take a “gallery walk” to view and comment on other table responses.  A key result of the World Café is the ability to look for patterns and insights into what is being shared.  These collective ideas provide an impactful shared response to address the purpose, issue and often reveal a deeper theme.

For more details on the World Café process visit http://www.theworldcafe.com.


Dallas College World Café and the Student Experience


World Cafe

Employees came together to explore their potential impact on the Student Experience from their perspective.