How to use the Compression Planning® model to strategically engage industry partners with the Pathways to Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) over the program years, in phases with students, parents, faculty and leaders.  This lays the groundwork for action plans, activities and ongoing commitments between the school, college, and industry partner.



Introduction to the P-TECH Model

Welcome to Module 3 of the Compression Planning Toolkit, the P-TECH Compression Planning Model and how to explore partnership potential.


The P-TECH Compression Planning® Model

A specifically designed Compression Planning® session is a proven exploration and engagement model to begin that strategic relationship and define the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) roles and responsibilities.  Some noteworthy benchmarks will be referenced throughout this module.  Let’s begin with the process from BEFORE the session, DURING the session and the critical steps AFTER the session!

Download P-TECH BLUEPRINT Benchmark 1: School Design

Download P-TECH BLUEPRINT Benchmark 3: Strategic Alliances

1. Before the Session

In preparation for the P-TECH CP Session, several processes need to take place. These include: client interview, invitation, session confirmation, and creating the Design Board.

2. During the Session

The P-TECH Compression Planning® session is designed to promote and support idea generation and guide participants to develop usable outcomes.

3. After the Session

After each P-TECH session, convening team members prepare a report for the client. The report is used to guide follow up and next steps.