P-TECH CP Model - After the Session

After each P-TECH Compression Planning® session, convening team members prepare a report for the client. The report is used to guide follow up and next steps between ISDs and Industry partners.


The CP report is a collection of all the ideas generated during the CP session within the designed purposes.  It will be prepared and sent from the CP facilitator to the client (ISD or school) and/or industry partner representative within 2-3 business days.   It becomes the basis for important next steps and will be used as a resource in action planning for all the partners.  Following the outline from the design, the report also includes the list of participants, observers, CP team, and if desired, photos of the session.  Often, the session is fast paced and the printers are quickly capturing ideas on cards, to be pinned on the boards.  Spelling and grammar are not the focus during this listening session.  The report will however, be spell-checked, acronyms clearly defined, and grammar rules followed.  The ideas are thoughts, not necessarily complete sentences.

After the session, it is imperative that the ISD, P-TECH school leadership come together with the industry partner and the college to review the CP report, visit the school campus and start working on those “logistics and details” not discussed in the session.  At this point, the formal agreement, MOU, is finalized and meetings, activities, and events explored during the CP session can be scheduled.  The CP report can be reviewed periodically to see if the partnership is on track during each phase of the program.



Next Steps

Industry partners, ISD Leadership, Dallas College Staff, Community Leaders, and many others have provided feedback from Compression Planning sessions. This feedback has been used to help guide future sessions and aid partner collaborations between industry partners and the ISD.