Texas Network for School Improvement



The Texas Network for School Improvement (TxNSI) Collaborative is a networked improvement community designed to increase the percentage of Black, Latino/a, and students experiencing poverty who are on track to college and career success by the end of 8th grade, using math as the entry point. We strive to achieve this through a set of braided supports: tailored professional learning; coaching to help campus teams (e.g., PLCs) test change ideas to address specific challenges they are experiencing; and a facilitated network approach to learn from one another.

Uniting improvement science with the power of a networked community to innovate and learn together, the TxNSI Collaborative spans districts in Texas Education Service Center Regions 10 and 11. TxNSI is one of more than 30 networks in more than 20 states using continuous improvement methods to change middle school and high school outcomes – a total of $240 million in grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The TxNSI Hub Facilitators

  • Educate Texas serves as the network lead responsible for identifying schools, coordinating operations and communications, and analyzing data.
  • Learning Forward specializes in professional learning for educators with a focus on continuous improvement methods.
  • The Dana Center are experts in K-12 and postsecondary mathematics instruction, policy, and research.

Resources for TxNSI Members

  • TxNSI Resource Libary - The TxNSI Resource Library has been developed to support teachers, coaches, campus, and district leaders as they implement continuous improvement and effective math teaching practices.
  • TxNSI YouTube Channel – This channel includes recordings of webinars and virtual learning opportunities.
  • TxNSI Improvement Facilitation Site – This site includes resources to refer to before, during, and after PDSA coaching sessions. It includes a session notes template, PDSA cycle resources, change packages including change ideas and measurement resources, a coaching log for reflection on each coaching session, and more.

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