Network Connections and Learning Opportunities

The Texas Network for School Improvement (TxNSI) Collaborative is a networked improvement community aimed at increasing the percentage of Black and Latino/a students, and students experiencing poverty who are on track to college and career success by the end of 8th grade, using math as our entry point. We strive to achieve our aim through a set of integreated supports for our network schools:

  1. Tailored professional learning
  2. Coaching to support campus teams (e.g., PLCs) test change ideas using a rapid cycle continuous improvement approach to address specific challenges they are experiencing
  3. A facilitated network approach to accelerate cross-campus and cross-district learning

TxNSI combines the expertise of Educate Texas, Learning Forward, and the Charles A. Dana Center to convene and support this network, uniting improvement science with the power of a networked community to innovate and learn together.

Purpose: We will gather all network members as a broader TxNSI community to share in collective learning and planning to achieve our network aim.
Participation: Convenings are for all network members. More information regarding the exact participation requirements by role and format (virtual vs. in person) will be shared through email prior to each convening. 
October 20-21, 2021
February 8-9, 2022
June 1-2, 2022

Purpose: Network-wide professional learning during the 2021 – 2022 school year will focus on assessing and planning for learning loss in the math classroom, and on supporting this work as a campus leader. Professional learning will be tailored to four primary audiences: classroom teachers, intervention teachers, principals, and District Math Champions.

Additionally, District Math Champions and select campus team members will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding and practice of initiating critical conversations in middle school math by participating in a book study on Catalyzing Change in Middle School Mathematics: Initiating Critical Conversations.

Participation: Network-wide professional learning will take place at network convenings and asynchronously. Additionally, District Math Champions will work with TxNSI Math Specialist, Mary Davis to determine specific district professional learning needs and supports.

Purpose: We will gather each community of practice by role to share insights and best practices around improvement facilitation, leadership, and equity. Improvement for Equity Roundtables are open to the entire network, and are highly recommended for local improvement facilitators.

Participation: Participation is dependent on membership within each community of practice.

Improvement for Equity Roundtable Dates:
Sept 29, 2021
Nov 17, 2021
Feb 23, 2022
April 13, 2022
Principal Community of Practice Dates: Connection points will be offered in November and January. The TxNSI Hub Team will reach out to schedule exact dates and times.

Purpose: We will provide support to local leaders and teams (PLCs) as they use continuous improvement practices to test evidence-based change ideas and increase on-track outcomes.

Changes for School Year 21-22: We will be using a paired coaching model, meaning that each campus team will have two coaches, a math specialist, and a continuous improvement specialist.

Focus: Increasing the capacity of Local Improvement Facilitators (e.g. Instructional Coach or Instructional Support Specialist) and Principals to lead continuous improvement work to improve outcomes.