Effective Teaching

The single most important school-based factor in student success is the quality of teaching in the classroom. Critical to teacher effectiveness is a well-designed system that prepares, recruits, develops, evaluates, compensates and retains the best teachers.
Educate Texas partners with state agencies, school districts, high-performing charter schools, colleges of  education, high-quality alternative certification providers and individual schools to implement innovative practices shown to enhance the quality of teaching. We also engage in dialogues with the Texas Legislature to identify and develop policies that support effective teaching across the state.


Powered by The Commit Partnership and Communities Foundation of Texas, over 50 partner organizations across Texas are working to ensure all students have access to effective and diverse educators.
The Teaching and Learning Council acts as a resource to Texas legislators, state agencies and other regulatory bodies by sharing its research and evidence-based recommendations related to effective teaching policy.
The Texas Impact Network, a joint venture between Educate Texas and the Commit Partnership, works with state and regional partners to help school districts make the most of Texas House Bill 3’s funding for evidence-backed programs: the Teacher Incentive Allotment; the College, Career, and Military Readiness Outcomes Bonus; and the Additional Days School Year initiative.