Best In Class

Educators represent the single largest budgetary investments of any school district, and a large and growing body of research shows that educators are one of the most important school-based factors in student achievement. Texas is facing a number of challenges regarding our educator pipelines:

  • decrease in the number of students interested in entering the teaching profession
  • An increasing number of teacher candidates receiving insufficient preparation
  • High teacher and school leader turnover rates, resulting in increased demands and significant financial impacts on school systems

Powered by The Commit Partnership and Communities Foundation of Texas, over 50 partner organizations across Texas have formed the Best In Class Coalition to focus on four key levers that collectively improve educator effectiveness: 

  • Attract - Attract greater numbers of talented, diverse candidates as teachers and school leaders.
  • Prepare - Better prepare future teachers and school leaders to meet the needs of students in our region.
  • Develop - Support teachers and school leaders with opportunities for ongoing learning and development
  • Retain - Increase retention of our most promising and effective educators.

During the 2019-2020 school year, Best In Class is focusing on four primary initiatives aligned to these levers:

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