Re-Envisioning the Texas College Access Network (TxCAN)

Over the past decade, Educate Texas, an initiative of the Communities Foundation of Texas, has established a robust public-private partnership that aligned key stakeholders within the public and higher education systems with a focus on increasing the number of low-income, minority, first-generation students who will graduate from high school and attain a higher education credential (two-year, four-year, or technical postsecondary education).

TxCAN’s mission is to connect and support college access initiatives across Texas, with the goal of increasing access to college and certificate programs. We believe aligning efforts across the state will help college access providers achieve a greater impact than any one provider could alone. 

In order for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to reach its goal of at least 60 percent of 25 – 34 year olds having a certificate or degree by 2030 (60 x 30 TX plan), Educate Texas recognizes that college going rates must be significantly higher. Therefore, it is critical to increase college access across the state for all students.

Through providing data dashboards and other resources, learning opportunities and convenings, Educate Texas and TxCAN will be able to strengthen local college access networks so that more Texas students will have access to postsecondary opportunities. 

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About the Texas College Access Network, by the Greater Texas Foundaion