The 20 by 2020 Student Success Plan

The Motivation

Educate Texas, launched in 2003 as the Texas High School Project, was initially motivated by the need to address the declining graduation rates for Texas high school students, and the simultaneously low percentage of minority, low-income, first generation students earning higher education credentials (two- or four-year, or technical college).

Now, inspired by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board 60x30TX Strategic Plan, Educate Texas recognizes a new motivation: by 2030, approximately 60% of Texans 25-34 will require a higher education credential to be gainfully employed. Therefore, for most Texans, higher education beyond high school graduation is a requirement for success. In addition, for Texas to remain economically competitive, the number of students who are completing certificates or degrees must increase.

The Response

We must achieve bold transformation to the Texas public and higher education system to prepare students for success in school, in the workforce and in life.

The 20 by 2020 Student Success Plan: Achieve a tipping point toward success by reaching 20 percent of Texas students and teachers in four key impact areas by 2020:

275,000 Students - College and Career Readiness
64,000 Students - Effective Teaching
320,000 Students - Higher Education
1,500,000 Students - Collective Impact

The 20 by 2020 Student Success Plan also supports the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s (TEHCB) 60x30TX strategy to continually improve standards of excellence in Texas education. Realizing our goal will require collaboration with both public and private sectors with a shared vision to help students, educators, employers and the state succeed and flourish.