Education Workforce Alignment

Education Workforce Partnerships are strategic efforts to improve educational and workforce outcomes. Educate Texas convenes and participates in these partnerships, working with multiple stakeholders in education and workforce collaborating to ensure that students graduate with the knowledge, skills and credentials to be successful in their careers. Education Workforce partnerships also provide a forum for identifying and meeting the needs of industry, engaging with experts and impacting policy and practice.


This network, led by the Texas Education Agency, brings together three proven school models under a single umbrella of support. As the Texas Education Agency's designated technical assistance provider, Educate Texas supports more than 370 planning and designated CCRSM campuses across Texas.
The Texas Student Success Council is a group of diverse education leaders committed to shaping the state policy dialogue around increasing higher education attainment and preparing students to compete in the 21st century economy.
Career Connect TX is a peer-learning network that brings together leaders from across the state to build education-to-workforce pathways that lead Texans to livable-wage jobs. Leaders from community colleges and workforce organizations partner to develop and expand innovative, modern work-based learning experiences coupled with academic instructional experiences that address employer needs in high-demand careers.