Leadership Councils

Educate Texas recognizes the critical role that school leaders play in the success of students, teachers and schools, and is working collaboratively within and across districts to strengthen the connection between leadership development and student performance.


The Teaching and Learning Council acts as a resource to Texas legislators, state agencies and other regulatory bodies by sharing its research and evidence-based recommendations related to effective teaching policy.
The Texas Student Success Council is a group of diverse education leaders committed to shaping the state policy dialogue around increasing higher education attainment and preparing students to compete in the 21st century economy.
With more than 320,000 teachers shaping the future of our students and our state, the Texas Teaching Commission was convened by Educate Texas to study proven teaching practices and recommend changes at the legislative, state agency and local policy level to support teaching effectiveness. The Commission’s yearlong collaboration culminated in an in-depth report that continues to serve as a guiding resource for policy dialogue and action.