Midland Collective Impact (Educate Midland)

The Midland Collective Impact initiative was launched in October 2015 to improve educational outcomes for the 32,000 public school and higher education students in Midland.

As one of the state’s major economic regions, Midland relies on a population of skilled, credentialed workers and strong educational institutions to remain competitive. Educate Texas brought together leaders in education, non-profit, business and philanthropy to leverage the strengths of cross-sector stakeholders to explore and refine strategies to achieve common goals in the cradle-to-career pipeline. The project fostered relationships of trust and mutual respect as Educate Midland progressed, and partners within the leadership team took responsibility for improvement efforts through their individual organizations and across the community. Educate Texas supported the establishment of the backbone organization to sustain the initiative, newly named Educate Midland.

Although Educate Texas concluded its work with the initiative in April 2017, Educate Midland continues to utilize the collective impact framework to ensure sustained educational improvements. Key Midland funders include the Abell-Hanger Foundation, Scharbauer Foundation and Henry Foundation.