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Externship Photo Permission

Permission must be obtained from the Industry Partners to photographer their work facilities and employees.   A permission slip must be signed and dated by the appropriate Industry personnel.

How could I use this resource?

1. Prior to taking any photos and publish that document the Externship Program, the Stem Coordinator or authorized personnel must seek permission from the Industry Partner to photograph its facilities and employees. 
2. The permission form granting or not granting permission must be signed and dated by the Business Industry Externship host authorized personnel
3. The signed and completed form should be returned to the Stem Coordinator or the authorized representative for filing and reference. 

Why is this resource useful?

It is most Districts’ policy to seek permission before photographing and publishing individuals.
It may be deemed illegal to take and publish photographs on private property without permission.  The activity may be deemed as trespassing.  If granted permission, taking a photo of the worksite and its employees during the externship program is a valuable tool used to document the program and its successes.   The publishing of the photos documents the program success and is an excellent marketing tool for the STEM program and the related Industry Partner.   Industry Partners also benefit from the exposure of their participation in the Externship Program. 

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