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Extern Peer Presentation Template

This list is to serve as a general framework to assist students with video presentation planning about their externship

This resource developed by Judson ISD is a power point presentation for teachers/Externs that provides the essential project design elements to develop a PBL lesson using the externship experience to enhance classroom instruction that connects with business and industry.

How could I use this resource?

Campuses can utilize this resource for professional development and/or professional learning communities to promote teacher collaboration in the development of PBL lessons.
1. The leader must review the entire presentation and divide the power point into sections for the length of time utilized for professional development.
2. The leader should align power point slides with the professional development goals.  i.e. PBL instruction, Externships, connecting workplace learning to classroom instruction, etc.
3. Allow teachers to work on the activities and provide teachers ample time to collaborate.
4. Decide upon a launch date and launch the project.
5. Utilize additional PLC time to evaluate the project and determine areas that need improvement and successes.
6. Challenge teachers to complete another PBL lesson..

Why is this resource useful?

This resource will be valuable for any campus that need additional resources for training teachers in project-based learning.   It also provides teachers the opportunity to collaborate with each other as well as provide a practical approach to PBL.  Campuses interested in making the connection with businesses, STEM fields, and careers, and the classroom can utilize this resource as a starting point to develop their externship program.  

The resources in this toolkit are available for anyone to download, edit and use. We do require you to create an account so that we can email you with updates about the toolkit.