Regional Collaboration

Educate Texas recognizes that cross-sector collaboration within communities is key to the creation and support of an aligned pipeline between K-12, higher education and the workforce to support students’ success in school, in their careers and in life. And in a state that is growing more populous and increasingly diverse, regional collaboration is an important way to ensure that growing, changing schools in our target areas of Central Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth, El Paso, the Gulf Coast and the Rio Grande Valley remain relevant and competitive.

To support these efforts, Educate Texas is working with communities across the state to establish and implement strategic and measurable community-specific action plans and to ensure resources are directed toward development of innovative programs or scaling evidence-based practices that lead to better outcomes in K-12 education, college and career.


RGV FOCUS works with K-12 and higher education leaders, businesses, and community-based organizations to align community resources and strengthen each step of the educational pathway. Serving as the collective impact backbone for the RGV, we are focused on improving college readiness, access, and success.
Consisting of a central hub of three local Texas organization – Educate Texas, Learning Forward, and the Dana Center – the The Texas Network for School Improvement (TxNSI) works with teachers and leaders in local school districts to develop a culture and community of improvement within schools.
Workforce and Education Community College Apprenticeship Network in Texas (WE CAN TX) is a statewide peer-learning network that empowers regional partnerships to build education-to-workforce pathways. Educate Texas weill lead community colleges and workforce organizations in developing and scaling innovative, modern work-based learning experiences and academic structures (e.g. internships, youth apprenticeships, teacher and faculty externships) that address employer needs in high-wage and high-demand careers.