K-12 Schools

Kindergarten-12th grade schools support different types of instructional and learning models to ensure that students have the resources and tools needed to prepare for higher education and the workforce. Educate Texas recognizes the urgency for the state’s public schools and classrooms to adapt to the needs of 21st century students. Therefore, the organization is partnering with state agencies, school districts and funders to identify innovative ways to approach and support 21st century teaching and learning across the educational cradle-to-career pipeline.


This network, led by the Texas Education Agency, brings together three proven school models under a single umbrella of support. As the Texas Education Agency's designated technical assistance provider, Educate Texas supports more than 370 planning and designated CCRSM campuses across Texas.
Educate Texas and the TI Foundation have partnered since 2011 to transform southern Dallas County school districts into STEM learning communities -- embedding science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teaching, thinking and problem-solving skills across entire school districts. Over the past decade, the partnership has expanded to include new STEM districts in Richardson ISD, Cedar Hill ISD, and Desoto ISDs.
The Teaching and Learning Council acts as a resource to Texas legislators, state agencies and other regulatory bodies by sharing its research and evidence-based recommendations related to effective teaching policy.
The Texas Impact Network, a joint venture between Educate Texas and the Commit Partnership, works with state and regional partners to help school districts make the most of Texas House Bill 3’s funding for evidence-backed programs: the Teacher Incentive Allotment; the College, Career, and Military Readiness Outcomes Bonus; and the Additional Days School Year initiative.
The Texas Learning Exchange (TxLx) project offers innovative pre-K-12 learning resources, solutions and models focused on equity, access, and overall enhancement of teaching and learning.
Consisting of a central hub of three local Texas organization – Educate Texas, Learning Forward, and the Dana Center – the The Texas Network for School Improvement (TxNSI) works with teachers and leaders in local school districts to develop a culture and community of improvement within schools.