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About Us

Harnessing the power of philanthropy for Texas public and higher education

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About Philanthropy Advocates

Our mission is to empower Texas philanthropy to invest and engage in effective public and higher education policy and advocacy at the state level.

Our vision is to protect, promote, and improve public and higher education in Texas so that all Texas students can achieve their educational goals from cradle to career.



What role does Philanthropy Adocates play in Texas philanthropy and education policy?

Philanthropy Advocates bridges the gap between pragmatic advocates and impact-oriented foundations to support advocacy to protect and improve public and higher education in Texas.


Who is involved in Philanthropy Advocates?

Philanthropy Advocates' members include over 55 family, corporate, community, and private foundations from across Texas. To our knowledge, Philanthropy Advocates represents the largest foundation policy collaborative anywhere in the country.

What does Philanthropy Advocates do? How are activities paid for?

Philanthropy Advocates is a funders’ collaborative, not a new nonprofit. Membership dues of $5,000 per year plus optional research and advocacy grants support our work.

Are you a foundation looking to invest and engage in public and higher education research and advocacy?

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