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Philanthropy Advocates' staff is a team of experts in philanthropy, nonprofits and government. Our staff is committed to protecting, promoting and improving public and higher education in Texas through effective public policy and advocacy. 

Becky Calahan

Becky Calahan



Becky is the Director of Philanthropy Advocates, a collaboration of private, corporate and community foundations across the state working to promote, protect and improve Texas public and higher education through advocacy and public policy.
Becky leads Philanthropy Advocates members through the Texas policy & advocacy process, uplifting members' interests and amplifying shared priorities to ensure the successes and lessons learned in philanthropic giving are scaled through state policy. 

Becky has experience in both the nonprofit and policy fields. She started her career as a graduate assistant at the Greater Texas Foundation, then worked in the Texas Legislature for a member of the Texas House Committee on Public Education and the Texas House Committee on Appropriations, Article III Subcommittee.

Becky holds a bachelor's degree in French and international studies from the University of Evansville in Indiana and a master’s degree in public service and administration from the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University.

Becky grew up in a military family, attending several states’ public schools as her family frequently moved around the country. Her childhood educational experiences, coupled with her time as a volunteer English teacher in Paris during a university study abroad, led Becky to her passion for education issues. She believes that high quality education - from cradle to career- is foundational to a prosperous and peaceful society.

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