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2015, 84th Legislative Session

In 2014, Philanthropy Advocates produced three research reports addressing some of the state’s most pressing and important educational debates. Together with our advocacy partners, we took what we learned from the research to policymakers to help inform policy decisions at the state level. Two of Philanthropy Advocates' four policy priority areas - expansion of quality pre-kindergarten and counselor capacity/ implementation of “House Bill 5” - dominated discussions around education policy during the legislative session. The work of the policy work groups on these issues proved to be critical in providing objective data for use by legislators and their staff as they drafted and debated policies on these and other crucial education issues.


Philanthropy Advocates was formerly known as the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC) until August 2020. Previously-created resources, documents and blog posts mentioning TEGAC are still provided on this website for your reference.

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