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Philanthropy Advocates 2023 Policy Priorities

October 6, 2022

Our members have met over the course of the past year and a half to develop these 2023 policy priorities, which serve as a signal of where we will prioritize our expertise and capacity to harness the power of philanthropy for systems change through state policy up to and through the next legislative session.

Our policy priorities are anchored in research and data. Here are a few of our reasons WHY we have focused on these issues. 

  • Because of the importance of early childhood brain development and 3rd grade reading as a benchmark for understanding predictive outcomes for students. Students who are not reading by 3rd grade are 4x less likely to graduate high school. Only 50% of Texas 3rd graders meet or exceed 3rd grade reading standards.
  • Because of the importance of teachers for students. About 40% of new teachers leave the classroom within their first five years of teaching. Today, 20% of new hires have not completed an educator preparation program, entering the classroom as an uncertified educator – increasing the likelihood of attrition and drawing questions about effectiveness for students.
  • Because of opportunity --- if we get all the systems pieces correct before high school, are we setting students up for opportunities beyond that? Less than 1 in 4 Texas 8th graders complete a postsecondary credential within 10 years of high school graduation.
  • And ultimately, because of jobs and life outcomes. 62% of Texas jobs will require a postsecondary credential by 2030, but only 48% of Texans have earned a postsecondary credential. 

We need to be preparing our students to have access to opportunities beyond their education – particularly high-wage, high-demand opportunities so they can earn family sustaining wages. This outcome benefits students and our state.

Foundations address these issues in their communities they serve every day through direct philanthropic efforts. Collectively, Philanthropy Advocates members know that addressing these key levers in education policy are pivotal to ensuring our education systems, cradle to career, are working for our communities.

Philanthropy Advocates was formerly known as the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC) until August 2020. Previously-created resources, documents and blog posts mentioning TEGAC are still provided on this website for your reference.

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