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Learning From Learners: Teacher Recommendations For Improving The Clinical Teaching Experience

April 28, 2021
At Philanthropy Advocates, our policy work is grounded in research and data. At the heart of our advocacy are legislative priorities supported by reliable, credible, and objective data and original research. 
Throughout this legislative session, we’re releasing our grantees’ work around our three core policy work groups and legislative priorities: early grade success, college and career pathways, and effective teaching. 
Today, we’re focusing on effective teaching. We’re pleased to share our latest Philanthropy Advocates-funded research that examines the clinical teaching experience, including recommendations to strengthen the profession of teaching. 
Teach Plus brings the perspective of some of the best and brightest Texas teachers to address professional development in its latest report, “Learning from Learners: Teacher Recommendations for Improving the Clinical Teaching Experience.” 
Teach Plus Policy Fellows explore how schools, districts, policymakers, and Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) could improve the clinical experience for candidates to better prepare them for early-career effectiveness.   
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In a report commissioned by @TX_philanthropy, @teachplusTX found that new teachers feel unprepared to demonstrate cultural competence and deliver effective classroom instruction to English Learners and students with special education needs. #txlege #txed

Key components of high-quality clinical experiences for future educators includes starting early in multiple school and classroom settings, finds @teachplusTX teachers in a report commissioned by @TX_philanthropy. #txlege #txed

Most future teachers spend time in one classroom during clinical experiences. But, most believe time in multiple classroom settings would best prepare them for their career. Read new research commissioned by @TX_philanthropy on improving teacher prep. experiences. #txed #txlege

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