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Recap: Texas Commission on Community College Finance

April 7, 2022
The Texas Commission on Community College Finance met on Wednesday, April 6. Commissioner Harrison Keller of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board outlined the state’s new higher education strategic plan, Building a Talent Strong Texas.

During the Commission’s January meeting, members were assigned to work groups, including College Operations, Student Support, and Workforce Education. On April 6, work groups shared updates on their discussions to date.

The Commission heard presentations from the following speakers: Members of the Commission participated in key discussions on the effect of state policies in driving institutions and student behavior towards the state’s higher education goals.

Watch an exchange on House Bill 5, passed in 2013, that is consequential to the work Philanthropy Advocates has commissioned in pursuit of further understanding alignment issues students face in navigating transitions between secondary and postsecondary education.

Work groups will continue to meet ahead of the next Commission meeting on June 21.

We have provided time segments of the meeting with notes on the discussion. The full meeting is available to watch here. Access presentation slides from the meeting here
Video Time Segments:
Archived Broadcast link: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board on April 6
  • Overview of THECB Building a Talent Strong Texas state higher education strategic plan, Commissioner Keller – 3:54 – 13:38
  • College Operations Work Group Presentation to Full Commission, Dr. Steve Head – 14:40 – 22:05
  • Student Support Work Group Presentation to Full Commission, Dr. Brenda Hellyer – 22:26 – 33:12
  • Workforce Education Work Group Presentation to Full Commission, Dr. Mark Escamilla – 33:24 - 51:35
  • Remarks by Community College Finance Commission Chair, Woody Hunt – 51:35 – 52:39
  • Open Discussion Following Work Group Reports, Members of the Community College Finance Commission – 52:30 – 1:38:02
BREAK 1:38:02 – 2:08:30
  • Public Testimony
    • Justin Yancy, TBLC – 2:09:12 – 2:15:00
    • Jessica Attas, TAB – 2:15:23 – 2:32:18
    • John Hryhorchuk, Texas 2036 - 2:35: 25 – 2:44:24
  • Invited Testimony
    • Dr. Lori Taylor (slides) – 2:50:26 – 2:57:30
    • Lumina Foundation – 2:57:30 – 3:26:20
    • Dr. Lori Taylor – 3:26:41 – 4:01:20
End of Meeting

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