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Philanthropy Leaders Across the State Praise Teacher Workforce Bill

April 26, 2023
Philanthropy Advocates recently voiced support for the recent passage of teacher workforce legislation, HB 11 by Representative Dutton that passed the Texas House of Representatives with bipartisan support to ensure teachers enter the classroom prepared and supported. Nearly 30 percent of Texas teachers are not certified educators and teacher attrition rates are at the highest they've been in the last decade. The efforts made in this bill to promote residency models and mentorship for new teachers will be key for sustainable efforts to strengthening our Texas teacher workforce.
Shortly after the passing of HB 11, philanthropy leaders from across Texas praised this achievement and thanked our state leaders for their work to improve our state’s teacher workforce. Here is what they said:
“For years private philanthropy has been funding strategies to increase supports and preparation for Texas teachers, like piloting teacher residency models to improve student achievement and teacher retention rates,” said Carlos Villagrana, member of Philanthropy Advocates and Program Officer with the Houston Endowment. “HB 11 takes lessons learned from these investments to ensure this proven educator preparation model can be replicated across Texas, so all educators are equipped to succeed in the classroom and support their students.”
“Texas cannot maintain global competitiveness or advance economic mobility for Texas families if the Legislature does not double down on proven strategies to support a highly qualified teacher workforce,” said Kristin Boyer, Chair of Philanthropy Advocates and Executive Director at Trellis Foundation. “We thank Representative Dutton and all members of the Texas House who supported this key investment in educator recruitment and retention strategies.”
“Philanthropy organizations in Texas know that communities cannot thrive without teachers, but attrition rates are the highest they’ve been in years. HB 11 takes several steps to expand supports to teachers and increase retention, such as by making Pre-K available for their own kids, reimbursing certification fees and aiming to alleviate unnecessary burdens on their time,” said Becky Calahan, Director of Philanthropy Advocates.

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