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College & Career Pathways - Transfer of Credits

August 23, 2021
Philanthropy Advocates, a collaboration with Educate Texas, harnesses the power of philanthropy to educate and inform lawmakers with reliable, credible, and objective data and original research. 
We’re continuing to release research commissioned by our members that supports our three core policy work groups: early grade success, college and career pathways and effective teaching. 
Rooted in our focus on college and career pathways, our latest Philanthropy Advocates-funded research examines transfer policies and initiatives across Texas.
Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC) created a report that provides an overview of the state policies supporting student transfers, a summary of key groups addressing transfer in Texas, and a discussion of strengths and challenges facing Texas students today.
TACC also examined how COVID-19 impacted community college-to-university transfers, a key factor in meeting the state’s 60X30 goals. TACC surveyed students from six community colleges and five Texas public universities in November and December 2020. The research explores the many drivers and demographics behind community college and four-year college students’ decisions to transfer, including the impact of COVID-19. 

TACC also produced an estimate of the annual cost of unused transfer credit for Texas public bachelor’s degree graduates who also earned or attempted credit at a Texas community college.
  • Read the full TACC’s Transfer Landscape Analysis report.
  • Read the full TACC’s Transfer Survey Analysis report.
  • Read the full TACC’s Transfer Efficiency report.

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