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Recap: The Texas Commission on Community College Finance (TxCCCF) Meeting

October 20, 2022
The Texas Commission on Community College Finance met on Tuesday, October 18, to finalize their set of recommendations to the Texas Legislature.

Commissioner Keller took the Commission through the changes in recommendations, noting the following:
  1. Hold Harmless – Added to reduce unintended revenue loss to individual community colleges in funding as the recommendations (if passed into law) are implemented
  2. Outcomes Based Funding – language now includes students who complete a sequence of dual credit coursework;
  3. Outcomes Based Funding – language now includes adult learners in the student population, weighting additional incentives for these students;
  4. Dual Credit Financial Aid – language changed to set a maximum tuition rate rather than uniform tuition rate for institutions;
  5. Dual Credit Financial Aid – language clarifies student eligibility based on students’ qualification for free and reduced lunch. This adjustment aims to make the qualification process easier and expedited for students;
  6. Edit to Shared Services– language now includes that colleges may have multiple partnerships across institutions including other community colleges, four-year institutions, Texas State Technical College, etc., to reduce costs.

The Commission presented on their updated draft recommendations and provided the full text of their draft report:
The Commission also discussed the financial modeling of the proposed formula and expressed the need for more recognition in the funding formulas for the workforce training delivered at community colleges. Members of the Commission discussed the need to eventually include job placement data in the list of outcomes recognized in the funding formula, with the intent to collect more data between community colleges to measure and address workforce needs.

The recommendations were adopted unanimously by members of the Commission.

Next steps for the Commission this fall:
  • November 1 — delivery of final report to Governor, Lt. Governor, and the Legislature

It is anticipated that members of the Legislature will use the final report to inform legislation to be considered in the 2023 legislative session.
The full meeting is available to watch here.

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