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Leadership Committee Chair Transitions

September 9, 2021

We are thrilled to announce Kristin Boyer as our new chair of the Philanthropy Advocates Leadership Committee. Kristin is the CEO of the Trellis Foundation.


Kristin has been an active participant in Philanthropy Advocates for years. She has engaged with us through policy work groups, serving as an integral thought partner in our work. Kristin has a deep understanding of why foundations engaging in policy is vital to scaling impact and creating systems change to further the impact of foundations’ priorities and investments across the state. While the Trellis Foundation focuses primarily in higher education, she has a deep interest in ensuring a pipeline of education that serves students up to and through higher education. Kristin’s term as chair begins this month and will continue through August 2023. Read more about Kristin.


Kristin is preceded in her role by Dr. Wynn Rosser, who has served as chair of the Philanthropy Advocates Leadership Committee for four years. Many of you know Wynn as a face for our work, often leading our discussions, representing us in media and engaging at the forefront with legislators on behalf of our collaboration.


Wynn has served our funders’ collaborative through many phases of growth, including through an integration of our collaborative into Educate Texas at the Communities Foundation of Texas. Wynn’s service to Philanthropy Advocates has been pivotal to our strategy, sustainability and impact to date. We sincerely thank Wynn for his long-term service to Philanthropy Advocates as our former chair! Wynn will remain an active participant on the Leadership Committee.

To learn about the Philanthropy Advocates Leadership Committee, click here.

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